SEP Training……

21 Jan

So SEP training where do I start?! SEP is at the start of your training and lasts for 2 weeks! I have been trained on both the A380 and main fleet Boeing 777 hence the two weeks of SEP.

So SEP, I dont want to say it was hard, but then I wouldn’t say it was easy either…it is an extremely large amount of information to take in and learn! As much as we panicked about having to learn everything along with revising for the exams the practicals were great fun and really helped us get a realistic idea and have a visual memory of what we were learning.

The facilitates that EK have to aid our learning are out of this world, and I would think top of the industry. To be able to complete tasks on a simulater which is practically identical to the aircrafts EK have, assists with you understanding how things work, what is where and the safety behind it all.

Ditching….in the FREEZZZZING cold water!!!



Putting out a fire…….




My Grandad…Our Grandad…Dad…Husband and someone Extremely Special and close to our hearts

1 Jan


Words cannot describe the devastating news I received on Boxing Day that my Grandad had passed away. I want to dedicate this blog to my Grandad as he was so proud I got this job and since Boxing Day he has been my drive to continue.

My Grandad was the quiet one, always doing a crossword or watching Manchester United, but he was always secretly listening and paying attention to what was going on around him when we came over to visit. Maybe he was the quiet one as he knew he had no chance of getting a word in with all the women in his life!

My fondest memories of my Grandad are staying over at my Grandma and Grandad’s on the weekend and in the morning when I woke I would help him count his money from his milk round. We would always walk the shop with him early to go get his paper and he would always buy us a bag of penny sweets and let us eat them on the way home even if it was barely 10am!

The time him and my Grandma took me, my sister and cousins to Liverpool Docks and it poured down! We had all bought a book and they were getting wet so we put them in my Grandad’s big coat pockets and I remember thinking how big the pockets were!

Going over to my Grandma and Grandad’s and turning the corner into the lounge and him either being  sat in ‘his’ chair at the table or ‘his’ sofa chair. Everyone knew they were his chairs and always knew he wouldn’t sit anywhere else lol.

Also all the most recent memories I have of our family holiday together, family meals, family days spent eating and playing games and most of all the last memory of him saying goodbye to me at the airport ready to fly to Dubai. Everyone went to get a drink and it was just me and him at the table and I remember him saying you will be fine! You will have a good time and we will all be fine here!  We were all still bossing him that day too, telling him he couldn’t drink his coffee at the table he had to bring it with him!


My Grandad has been there for us all through thick and thin, highs and lows and has always tried to make things right no matter what! He has been our family rock, the funny one who says silly things (lots of) and bless him the one who always seemed to get picked on by all his girls!

Grandad times are so so hard at the moment but I know you’re looking down on us telling us to pull ourselves together and stop with all this crying nonsense!! But you know we are all criers in our family! We will always keep our family unit close like we have always been! I have been so lucky to spend the last 24 years with you, just keep shining bright in that sky, and keep watching down on us all as we will all make you so proud of us!

Love you so much xxxx

Sorry for the lack of blogs…

1 Jan

I just want to firstly say a big sorry for the lack of blogs but it has been very hectic here and sadly my Grandad passed away on Boxing Day. I promise to blog all about how everything is going with training as soon as possible xxx

Uniform Fitting….

10 Dec

Unfortunately I didnt manage to get any pictures of the uniform fitting as it was a made rush to make sure I got fitted for the uniform, both pairs of shoes and the hat….but it did make it all so real!!! 🙂

Tomorrow I get my cabin crew luggage bag as the uniform store ran out today so my batch need to go back before we start at 3.30pm to collect it!! This will be so much easier with having to take our heavy folders to and from the college.



I hope we are doing something practical tomorrow so that I can take some pictures for you all. x

Induction Week completed and first official weekend in Dubai!!!

9 Dec

So Induction week was intense and very tiring but on the same note I did enjoy it!  There was a lot to take in and that will continue throughout training, I just can’t stress enough how important it is to get as much sleep as possible and make sure you are eating and drinking plenty of water.

So Thursday evening I went out to dinner with my Dad to Nobu at the Atlantis Hotel. The food was amazing it is a Japanese restaurant and the Sushi was the best I have ever had and I tried lots of new things!

After I went to Barasti to meet the girls who all started at the same time as me, and live in the same accommodation as I do. We ended up dancing on the beach until 2.30am by this time I was ready for my bed after being up at 4.30am to get to college!

Friday me and two of my batch mates Jade and Kim went down to the Jumeirah Beach for the afternoon. We then got a taxi to the Marina and had tea down there whilst the sun set. We couldn’t go out Friday evening as even though Saturday is our day off we had a Mosque visit at 6.30am.



I was really looking forward to the Mosque visit as it is something you probably wouldn’t get the chance ever to do. Even though the experience was short it was very interesting and I didn’t realise how similar Muslims and Christians are in their beliefs. The Mosque was inside was very detailed as you can see from my pictures.






In the afternoon I went to the Mall with Kim and Jade and had a browse around and we got some lunch. I didn’t buy anything but secretly wish I had now!!



I want people who have either got the job with EK or plan to apply for it that it is not easy and not a holiday once you get out to Dubai. You would be amazed how many people are homesick and are contemplating going home. I want to add nothing to do with EK but the fact that they miss family and friends or they didn’t realise how much work is and will be involved from induction through to training.

Today and tomorrow are the last two days of Induction and then my training officially starts on Tuesday 11th December. I am going to be on the late shift which is 3.30pm until 11.30pm. There are 3 sets of shifts starting at 7.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm you don’t get a choice just depends which one your batch falls into.

Tomorrow is uniform fitting which I am extremely excited about and I think we get out little suitcase as well!! So I will be sure to blog tomorrow and tell you all about it!!

I’m here in Dubai!!!!!

4 Dec



So I have literally been in Dubai 4 days and I have not stopped! It all started last Friday when I left for the airport with all my cases!! (10kg over aswell :/)

It was so so hard saying goodbye to everyone at the airport, I had my boyfriend, Mum, sister, brother, Grandma and Grandad there to say goodbye! When I arrived at the check in there were other girls checking in and saying goodbye to family and friends so it was nice to have others in the same position as me!

Our flight was delayed by an hour due to coming in from Dubai late. The flight went really quickly as I was talking to new joiners and busy watching what the cabin crew do to write in my workbook (homework).

We arrived to Dubai about 1.30am and was greeted by the Marhaba team who escort you through passport control and luggage collection and then to their office to sort out your visa documents to be handed in.

I arrived to the accommodation in Sarab about 5am and managed to get to bed at 5.50am!! I am sharing with two new comers, Laura from Liverpool and Erin from Glasgow. They are both lovely and we all get on really well. Arriving at that time I literally got in my room found some pyjamas and went straight to sleep.



In my room was a food pack with a mixture of different items from a kit Kat to cheese in a tin! Next to it was also kitchen roll, toilet roll, fairy and some washing tablets.


Also in my room was an ironing board and bathroom bin, along with a box full of kitchen items e.g plates, glasses etc.


Saturday – So we had the Saturday off and due to arriving early hours of Saturday morning I slept until about 11am and then went to the Mall with some of the girls to try and sort a sim card out. Unfortunately we could not do this without our original passport (which Emirates have for 4 weeks whilst sorting visa) or without a copy of our visa stamped by customs. As my Dad lives in Dubai and he asked if I wanted to meet for a coffee I said yes and got him to bring his passport J so I could get my sim!!

Whilst my dad sorted the Sim out I went and got some food shopping with my step mum in Waitrose.

Sunday – As Dubai’s week starts on a Sunday we were all up ready to go to Emirates Group Head Quarters (EGHQ) for 7am! This meant having to get the bus at 6.15am outside of my block. It is best to get down their earlier as crew already flying get priority so they don’t miss their flights so you could be on the bus and by the time it has got to all the blocks in Sarab you could be told to get off. Me and my flat mates have been going down to get the bus about 5.50/5.55am. It is vital not to be late….well that should be obvious!

Sunday consisted of different talks, advance on wages and paperwork. Have all your paperwork with you and organised properly you will need it all!!

Monday – Monday was very similar to Sunday with paperwork, more talks on different things e.g. the medical centre, our accommodation etc

Today we have had another busy day including blood tests, Chest X-ray and meeting with the nurse about your jabs and other bits and bobs. What I will say is DO your dental x-ray at home otherwise you are made to find a dentist (yourself) and get it done, it will be easier to go to your local dentist rather than trying to find one in a country you don’t know really! Also don’t worry about the Chest X-ray at home unless you have serious concerns you have/ or had TB as everyone has one in Dubai. Also if you don’t get a smear test done at home they will do you one in Dubai too.

Me and Kim in our Emirates polo’s which we wear for induction and training college.


Me and Kim putting Emirates uniform on just to have our ID badges…didn’t get the hat though!


Also got our manuals today and they are very thick and very heavy!!!


So let me tell you about my accommodation in Sarab. There are 5 blocks in Sarab and I am in block 4. This is the accommodation everyone dreads getting and I even did before I arrived, but my views have changed! Yes it may be out of the centre 35-40mins from EGHQ but we have free buses and free buses that take us to some of the Malls! The apartments are lovely and very modern I believe they are only a year old. There is nothing around Sarab and it is very quiet. There is a corner shop which sells everything you will need and there is a Costa Coffee. What is great though this week there has been 120 of us new starters put into 6 batches and we are all in Sarab so we are all together!! This is really nice as you have so many people around you and there is always someone who wants to do something or there if you need them! As much as there are definitely benefits of living in the centre there are also benefits of living in Sarab! My bathroom and other pics…






This evening me and the girls in our flat had sausage, mash and gravy for dinner together . It was so nice to eat a proper meal as we have been so tired we have just grabbed a snack and gone to bed most nights!

Tomorrow I start at 11am until 8.30pm and I am over in the training college which I am excited about and I am also excited about my mini lay in as I have been setting my alarm for 4.30am the last few mornings J

Things people will definitely need:

  • BIG black handbag (you have to carry a lot around especially your folders)
  • Hair pins and hair net (Hair net is a must…it is easier to do a bun with a bun ring so buy one)
  • Red bobble/scrunchy – this can be bought on your first day in the shop.
  • Hair spray/ gel – hair has to be perfect.
  • Black cardigan/ jacket as it gets cold in HQ
  • Red lipstick – I use Ruby Woo from MAC
  • And then the obvious….black trousers, plain, flat black dolly shoes etc

You also get given 18 assignments to complete which are all E-Learning and should take between 2-3 hours each. I completed my first one today and got 80%, this one was very hard so I hope they aren’t all like that!

Anyway I am off now to bed, but hello to all my readers and please ask any questions if I have not answered them…night x

P.S Happy Birthday Seanie x

A Family Treasure…

24 Nov

As you all know, when working for Emirates you need to have your hair tied back in a bun or a french twist which includes lots of hair grips!! Well my mum has given me the most beautiful grip holder which was her grandmas!! So that makes it my Great Grandmas! My mum when she was a child remembers her Grandma using it for her hair grips.

Inside is a magnet to the hair grips all stand up and won’t fall out!! 🙂

Here is the picture I promised of the lego characters one of my students gave me. I’m on the left in my cabin crew outfit and he has his headphones in…

P.S I completely forgot to mention I got my E-Visa and E-Ticket on the 20th November, so all thats left is my accommodation details! Fingers crossed that will be tomorrow!!!!